Methods for production monitoring and reporting


We carry out comprehensive expediting at your suppliers, consisting of scheduling, quality and production monitoring. In the following, we will give you an insight into our methods, controls and reporting. Added to this are the specifications of our customers, which form the basis of our activities.








Expediting includes the following procedures:


• Inspection visits

• Project processing at the supplier

• Continuous quality and production monitoring

• Check the dates

• Status queries (by phone, fax, e-mail, etc.)

• Photo documentation

• Meetings (for contractors, suppliers)



 Consistent production monitoring and control in all other phases of the project are particularly important.


We offer our customers reviews:

• During work preparation

• For material orders

• During production planning

• Production level controls (date and quality)

            O For material inputs

O For fattening (burning, sawing, drilling)

O For stapling and welding

O For mechanical processing

O When assembling

O For hydraulic and lubrication equipment

O For electrical equipment

O When coating and transport preparation

• Documentation (complete, punctual, applicable)

O Marking, packaging, shipping



The Expediter will provide you with the following information on all the results of the production monitoring and other expediting controls:


• Status reports with photo recording

• Project overviews

• Schedules with actual states

• Quality plans

• Error reports for:

            o Quality problems

o Manufacturing errors

o Drawing errors

            o List errors

• Supplier evaluations


Principles for reporting

The information is provided immediately after the production control as well as the other control activities and also according to the agreement in the order.


The following four principles are the basis of the reports:

 • Limit results to fact

 • Present the situation objectively, professionally and truthfully

 • Proposals for deliberate measures for deadlines

 • Proposals for targeted measures for quality deficiencies




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