Expediting in machinery, equipment and steel construction

JSC sees itself as an effective link between you and your suppliers or customers.


• Elaboration of test requirements in test plans

• Schedule monitoring and / or acceleration of orders from your suppliers

• Regular and fast reporting on the status of order processing

• Tracking and documenting the errors that have occurred

• Proposed solutions for fixed deadlines or quality deviations

• Procurement of quality documentation

• Creation of the final documentation

• Scheduling and monitoring of projects

• Continuous support of orders, from order to dispatch

• Quality control and quality assessment

• Support for supplier and supplier evaluations

• Support for supplier selection

• Supervision of the customers on site

• Offers around the material testing and assembly

• Installation lines on construction sites

• Assembly planning

• Assembly processing and customer contact

• Destruction-free material testing for material and welded joints

• Ultrasonic testing

• X-ray examination

• Magnetic powder test

 Color penetrant testing

 Spectral analysis


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