Consulting our customers is one of the most important services of JSC. This includes contract formation and issuing project specifications. The extensive experience of our company enables us to deal with a high level of customer requirements. We are able to analyse and adapt to them so that all contract parties come to a conclusion.


In the area of oil & gas as well as mining technology, this is always an important aspect, since client requirements which lie outside the standards always produce a high level of costs, which must be minimized. This is only possible if one knows of what one speaks and creates corresponding reasoning bases which results only from experience.




The company JSC can be an interface for you here.


The extensive range of manufacturing facilities worldwide is another reason to work with us. Auditing companies from the past 10 years, is another aspect of our work. This makes it possible for us to find suitable production partners for you. Adjusted to their requirements, we can tell exactly which paver with which profile their wishes can implement and which not.


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